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The Muino Smart Water Meter accurately measures water consumption with sub-100 milliliter precision, overcoming common issues found in proximity sensor-based techniques. and enabling easy installation for effective leak detection.

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New 3D printed cases, see pictures


Make your non-digital water meter digital! Running ESPHome, easy install for Home-assist.

The Muino Smart Water Meter is an innovative solution for measuring water consumption and transmitting data wirelessly to applications like Home-Assistant. Unlike traditional water meters with spinning wheels, our device utilizes special sensors to translate usage into 100sub-millilitres accurately. This approach overcomes common issues faced by proximity sensor-based techniques, such as double or missed detections. Additionally, our device offers easy installation with simple screws and a power cable, eliminating the need for complex construction. Moreover, it provides a higher resolution than a litre, addressing concerns about leakage or lower measurement precision.


The sensor reads the rotary disk, below a drawing given:


The Muino Smart Water Meter is a single-board device that measures water consumption with sub-100 millilitre accuracy. The other big benefit is the ease of installation, for friends/family that wanted a similar solution this is easier to use.

Validated water meters:

  • Honeywell v200 (Designed for)
  • KiWa V200 (Designed for)
  • Sensus 620 (needs slight enlarging of two holes, and placement looks maybe less nice)
  • KiWa R400 (ask before buying)
  • Elster Honeywell
  • Itron Actaris Schlumberger
  • Others, you can double-check if you are not sure..

The ESPHome webpage:

Explanation of how it exactly works and why it’s quite amazing (Water meter reader basic functionality)!


You will receive the board, antenna, and screws in the ESD protective bag. You have to buy the 3D case seperatly.

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Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0,4 cm


With 3D printed case



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