Smart Water Meter Reader (with case)

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The Muino Smart Water Meter accurately measures water consumption with sub-100 milliliter precision, overcoming common issues found in proximity sensor-based techniques. and enabling easy installation for effective leak detection.

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New batch of watermeters is ordered and expected to be delivered before July!


Now with 3D case sold!



Make your non-digital water meter digital! Running ESPHome, easy install for Home-assist.

The Muino Smart Water Meter is an innovative solution for measuring water consumption and transmitting data wirelessly to applications like Home-Assistant. Unlike traditional water meters with spinning wheels, our device utilizes special sensors to translate usage into 100sub-millilitres accurately. This approach overcomes common issues faced by proximity sensor-based techniques, such as double or missed detections. Additionally, our device offers easy installation with simple screws and a power cable, eliminating the need for complex construction. Moreover, it provides a higher resolution than a litre, addressing concerns about leakage or lower measurement precision.


The sensor reads the rotary disk, below a drawing given:


The Muino Smart Water Meter is a single-board device that measures water consumption with sub-100 millilitre accuracy. The other big benefit is the ease of installation, for friends/family that wanted a similar solution this is easier to use.

Validated water meters:

  • Honeywell v200 (Designed for)
  • KiWa V200 (Designed for)
  • Sensus 620 (needs slight enlarging of two holes, and placement looks maybe less nice)
  • KiWa R400 (ask before buying)
  • Elster Honeywell
  • Itron Actaris Schlumberger
  • Others, you can double-check if you are not sure..

The ESPHome webpage:

Explanation of how it exactly works and why it’s quite amazing (Water meter reader basic functionality)!


You will receive the board, antenna, 3D-case, and screws in the ESD protective bag.

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Weight 0,019 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 0,4 cm


With 3D printed case


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  1. martijn

    I really like the effort you made making it simpel and easy without the need to do manual calibration.

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