3-phase Muino light sensor Encoder (advance)




What is it?

The sensor is based on a design of the Muino Water Meter Reader, for some people, the sensing part only was needed. The sensor with the favours Muino correlation method can readout an encoder-like sensor.

What makes it special?

The sensor uses a green LED that works really well on detecting red/blue/dark colours with a light white background.

Should I consider?

Only consider if you have experience with I2C or hardware/software embedded development. If either you connect with a RPI with knowledge of Python, or ESP32 and knowledge of C, or RP2040 and knowledge of C you will make it work without much effort otherwise…

I try to get it to work for the ULP of the ESP32S3, but I am almost there. That means battery powered watermeter reader comming soon:)

So my focus if I have time is currently ULP and can always assist if you need help!

What do you get?

  • A 3-phase Muino sensor
  • A 4-pin 2.54mm header
  • SOLDOUT┬ásided washer tape. Have to find the tape..

Additional information

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