I have a strong passion for electronics, and I enjoy delving into their details. I’m driven by a desire to help the planet by understanding more about how water is used. Interestingly, I noticed that the home-assistant dashboard needs more graphs, and the energy dashboard should include a water meter.

My journey began with computer vision, but I soon discovered my love for electronics. While some people quickly turn to AI using linear regression algorithms, I prefer to carefully decide. Sometimes, I create a ‘simple’ algorithm that I know well, rather than just relying on a bunch of data. I still have a deep affection for computer vision and AI, which are the main focus of my job.

I started my career at a wireless mesh sensor company, where I learned about battery-powered setups and communication challenges. I also discovered that FPGA can be efficient in certain designs. Now, I work as a data scientist in my current job, continuing to explore the world of electronics and AI.

I live in Utrecht, The Netherlands so if you have nice projects I can work with/on please tell!

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